How did we grade the Candidates?

The ArtsVote Niagara 2006 test case survey of St. Catharines and Niagara Regional Council candidates was created by the Executive Committee members with limited input from local artists.  In future, and with more time, ArtsVote Niagara will invite a much broader input from the cultural community in the formulation of questions.  ArtsVote Niagara also will invite Arts Monitors from throughout the Niagara Region to keep a record of votes on issues of interest to the creative community in Niagara.

In the 2006 municipal election campaign, a link to a SurveyMonkey survey was emailed at least twice to candidates and a hard copy version of the SurveyMonkey survey was mailed to candidates.  The values for each of the responses to the survey questions were established by the ArtsVote Niagara Executive Committee in collaboration with the founders of ArtsVote in Toronto.  Values were assigned to the answers by ArtsVote Niagara and then ArtsVote Toronto experts were asked to recommend values independently.  The two sets of values were compared and where there were discrepancies, the values were adjusted upwards.  The survey questions are currently available for downloading at HERE.

The general approach to marking the surveys is to give the candidate the benefit of the doubt.

The first section of the survey asks the candidates about beliefs, commitments and participation in arts, culture and heritage.  This section was assigned a 30% weight in the marking of the overall survey.

The second, third and fourth sections of the survey are multiple choice questions about current issues.  ArtsVote Toronto experts recommended that the issues section of the survey be assigned a weight of 60% of the overall mark, and ArtsVote Niagara accepted this recommendation.

The most subjective aspect of the survey is in Section 5 where, “candidates are encouraged to provide any further comments or position statements on arts or arts-related cultural, multi-cultural and heritage issues and priorities, including relevant education, work experience and volunteer work.”  This is an opportunity for the candidates to earn an additional 10% based on the statements and evidence they provide on their positions, experience, education and commitment with respect to arts, culture and heritage.

2006 Candidates

2006 School Board
2006 Mayoralty Candidates
2006 Municipal Ward Councillors
2006 Regional Councillors

2006 School Board
Alex McKee
Andrew Bowles
Dalton Clark
Elaine Manocha
Flavia Orvitz
John Davis
Kathy Burtnik
Larry Newton
Lora Campbell
Lorna Costantini
Lynn Campbell
Marcy Heit
Maurice Charbonneau
Melinda Chartrand
Shawn Montreuil
Suzanne Westera
Tony Scalzi
2006 Mayoralty Candidates
Brian McMullan
Emad Zawady
Garry Robbins
Jackie Phelan
Marilyn Bodogh
Preston Haskell
Robert Welch
Sue Erskine
2006 Municipal Ward Councillors
Andrew Gill
Bill Buckle
Bill Phillips
Brian Dorsey
Bruce Williamson
Cameron Donevan
Charles Gervais
Darren Platakis
David Prentice
Dawn Dodge
Greg Washuta
Heather Foss
Jeff Burch
Jennifer Stevens 56 Alexandra Boulevard
St. Catharines, ON L2P 1J9
John Bacher
Joseph Kushner
Laura Ip
Len Stack
Mark Elliott
Matthew Cutler
Mike Sullivan
Milica Kovacevich
Norm St. George
Peter Secord
Richard Martinelli
Robbie Craine 27 Division St.
St. Catharines L2R 3G3
Salvatore Sorrento
Sheila Morra
Susan Bassett
Tim Atherton
Tony Tullo
Wayne Sadlak
2006 Regional Councillors
Anne Angelone
Art Federow
Barbara Grennwood
Barbara Henderson (Wainfleet mayor)
Bart Brouwer
Bernie Villamil
Bill Hodgson
Bill Smeaton
Blake Nicholls
Bob Bentley
Bob Saracino
Brian Baty
Brian Heit
Bruce Timms
Carl Kovacs
Chris Biasucci
Cindy Forster
Damian Goulbourne
Daniel Fortier
Daniel Rodrique
Daryl Wilkinson
Dave Augustyn
Dave Eke
Dave Lepp
Debbie Zimmerman
Diane Sauder
Domenic Vescio
Douglas Martin
Ed Fulford 7607 Concession 7 Road
RR 1
Grassie, ON L0R 1M0
Frank Adamson
Gary Burroughs
George Marshall
Goerge Saddler
Gord Harry
Henry D’Angela
Jim Casson
John Bald
John Beam
John Mastroinanni
John O’Neill
John Papadakis
John Parisee
John Watt
Joseph Carella
Judy Casselman
Katie Trombetta
Keith Maloney
Michael Collins
N. Carlos Garcia
Norm Puttick
Paul Keizer
Peter Partington
Randy Cheynowski (Wainfleet mayor) 51980 Forks Rd RR 3 Wainfleet, ON L0S 1V0
Ric Gorham (Fort Erie regional council)
Robert Gabriel
Robert Hesp
Robin Brock
Ron Bodner
Ron Leavens
Ronna Katzman
Sandy White
Sharon Shearing
Shirley Cordiner
Steve King
Ted Salci
Tim Rigby
Tom Braybrook
Tom Lewis
Tony Gigliotti
Tony Mete
Troy Brooks 141 Elizabeth St
Welland, ON L3C 4M3
Uwe Brand
Vance Badaway
Vic Kerschl
Vince Bellantino
Wayne Campbell
Winston Sims